Decorative, bright, healthy, small and large leaves - we are talking about hostas.

Hostas are shadow  loving perennials. Shadow is needed to be able to see their true beauty. Hostas are one of most vigorous plants, they can grow in one place for many years, becoming more and more impressive. Form of leaves are circular, oval, like a heart and other. Flower colors are white and lavender, some varieties have a nice fragrance.

Hostas require fertile, middle-heavy soil with a pH 6. During growing period the soil should be wet, but with good drainage. Taller hostas grow very well also in loamy soil. Especially they like decomposed manure or addition of compost.

Planting area should be prepared depending on hostas. Miniature hostas planting place should be smaller than for larges hostas, who needs even one meter wide and almost half-meter deep planting hole. Planting distance depends on the varieties of hostas. Smaller hostas are planted nearer, but larger are planted even 1m away from each other. After planting new plants should be watered carefully!

Hostas can be planted in spring or in late summer.

Hostas looks beautiful along the edges of the planting beds of perennials; good neighbours are daylilies and Sibirien irises.

Hostas makes a fascinating sight with their decorative leaves and small flowers, flowers of some sorts are smelling very nice.