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Peonies are garden plants for which the place of growing is very important, especially should bear in mind that every flower will show it’s true beauty in sunny place. Sunny and windswept places - these are the main conditions for peonies to grow.  Soil should be well aerated, almost neutral.

The best time to plant peonies is in autumn or early spring, within the distance of 1 m from bush to bush. The soil should be not over 5 cm above plants bud. The place for planting should be up to 40 cm deep. Peonies should not be planted too deep - the plants will grow, but the flowers will be small. If they are planted too shallow, they can freeze in the black frost.
After planting, especially in dry springs, peony plantations have to be provided with enough of moisture. Watering is necessary in July and first part of August, when plants are preparing for the next year.
Another important factor isn`t allow peonies to flower in the first year of planting, and it is recommended to not allow them to flower in the second year too. This will be better for the strengthening of the bush. If the flowering occurs in the first year after the planting, the peony bush will give all its energy to the flowers.

Plant peony correctly and peony bush will enchant with its charm for many years! Beginning with shiny red buds in the spring, continuing in flowering time with so many different colors and forms of the flowers and sweet fragrance, showing a nice foliage untill late autumn.