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Siberian irises are perennial plants. They bloom in June. Strongly, slides stems, bright flowers, leaves like sword makes this irises on a highly customized plants in perennial plant beds. Just as well they fit into the landscape along the waters. They are not afraid of moisture. These flowers are perfect for cut flowers. Excellent looks in different plant compositions. The height of the Siberian irises varies are between 40 cm and 1.5 m.

The strong leaves of the iris are attractive throughout the growing season, even after the first frost, which gives the leaves a reddish-brown color.
Siberian irises are not particularly selective in terms of soil, but they will be grateful for a nutritious soil with pH of 5.5 to 7.
This variety of irises should be planted deeper as other irises, cover the roots with up to 5 cm thick soil layer. The distance between plants should be 50-60cm at least, depending on the variety.
The best place for them to grow is in the sun, slight shade. Siberian irises like lot of moisture in the spring, but without standing water and any swamped places. Very important is good drainage. Siberian irises endures the short-term drought in the summer, but it is not recommendable.
Throughout the growing season they are handsome and additional care is not required, except when it would be desirable to cut off faded floral. Siberian irises leafs can be cut in the late autumn, about 2-5 cm above the soil, when they are brown. Although it can be done in early spring, even recommended.
During re-planting process Siberian irises roots must be wet, should not allow them dry out, to rote. Older plants need to be re-planted when the bushes becomes too large and the size and quantity of flowers reduces. The best time to replant is spring or August. Then the plants should be watered regularly.
Siberian irises begins to show their real beauty 2 years after being replanted.
They will be happy for mulch that retains moisture, prevents soil heat up the summer, as well as helt to prevent the frosts impact on new plants. The mulch will reduce the growth weeds also, thus giving You more time to enjoy the Siberian irises growing and charming flowers.