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dienziedes Daylilies are not selective in relation to ground and place. Nevertheless, they prefer a sunny place. It provides full blow and intensive colours. Sunny place is needed more for varieties with bright blossoms, because the soft pastel tones coming to advantage only when there is sufficient light. Half-shady places are preferred for kinds with dark colours. It is important that these sorts got the midday sun at least.

Before planting, the soil should be prepared 30 cm deep at least. Even if they are not selective, the pH must be 6.5. The intended ground for the plantation should be free of any weeds, because afterwards it is very difficult to clean this. The distance between the seedlings should be 50-60 cm.

Because these plants can grow at the same place many years, the ground (especially if it is sandy or clandy soil) should be edited with organic fertiliser.

The groundwater should be below 50 cm, otherwise you should reate a raised bed.

Daylilies hardly survive the flooding in the spring. But they still love slight moisture at the roots. These plants should be rarely watered. We recommend mulch. Like most plants, they should not be cast with cold water.

During a long period of dryness in summer, Daylilies are loosing their colors and their flowers become smaller.

The best time to plant is mid-April to May and after flowering in mid-August to September. It is not excluded to plant the daylilie during flowering. The bushes should be divided and replanted after the intensity of flowering has remarkably reduced compared to the beginning.

Daylilies should not be fertilised much becouse it is just good for the green part of these plants and not for the flowering. Although if everything is not strictly hold, the plants won’t be too sad. They won’t conceal their aristocratic charm, but will try to bring to light the most beautiful flowers each and every day. And where there is the unique opportunity to see so fresh and beautiful flowers? And then there own!

There remains only one – enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!